Gooding Group, LLC

The Gooding Group consists of two companies: GSM Roofing and GSM Industrial.

GSM Roofing’s roots go back to 1946 when Fred Gooding began a roofing company and later added two partners to form Gooding, Simpson & Mackes. A sheet metal division was formed in 1974. In the 1980s, Gooding Delaware was established to handle roofing operations in that area. Both locations became known as GSM Roofing in August 2009. Shortly after, the Delaware location moved to Elkton, MD. Today, third-generation Reed Gooding & Will Gooding lead the business. Their father, John Gooding, remains Chairman.

GSM Industrial became a separate entity in 1983, as the growing sheet metal division expanded into non-roofing related metal fabrication projects. The venture is headed by Jim Towers, John Gooding’s brother-in-law. Contact Gooding Group

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